Kuusou Zikken Vol. 9

A bit odd for a Kuusou Zikken, this one’s a bit consensual in its horrible rape… Only in hentai could a line like that make any sense.


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9 Responses to Kuusou Zikken Vol. 9

  1. YeaWut says:

    Woot! Yay, for KZ! Will you be adding the Gurren Lagann one to your list of Future Projects? Or do those beastmen count towards your no-no on bestiality? XD


    • Kizlan Kizlan says:

      That one had actually slipped my notice somehow… but it’s on the list now! ^_^
      Beastmen are fine. I count them as humanoid.

  2. Aioria says:

    Awesome! Excelent work!
    Are you going to translate KZ 1, 2 or 3 someday?

    • YeaWut says:

      Vol. 2 is on his list of Future Projects. I, too, would like to see Vol. 3 as well. Vol. 1 would technically complete the entire series to my knowledge, but it seems drawn so…messy! XD

      • Aioria says:

        If I am not mistaken Kuusou Zikken 7 is not translated yet.

        • YeaWut says:

          Oh yeah, that one too, but it’s also on his list of Future Projects, so I’m confident we’ll see it! I was just referring to things that weren’t even mentioned XD

          • Kizlan Kizlan says:

            I’ve considered Vol. 1, but something about the scan bugs me. Also, about half the book is artist comment and novel-type pages, which are hard for me to get interested in…
            I’m not big into King of Fighters, so 3 didn’t really catch my interest much… though if they’re still untranslated by the time I get through the others, then I don’t see any reason not to finish off the series by doing 1 and 3.

  3. Oliver says:

    Sweet, a Kuuzou Zikken doujin with more than paizuri and blowjobs !

    Thanks a lot, Kizlan :)

  4. Feanor says:

    I’d add some kind of credits page though.

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