All the doujin/manga I’ve translated. Listed by title. For shorter lists by type, choose a category from the download drop menu.

Anette XXX Ch. 1
Anette XXX Ch. 2
Anette XXX Ch. 3
Anette XXX – A Common Occurrence
An Insect’s Sigh
A Walk With the Public Morals Committee
Ayase 8 Busty Beauties
Beat Blades Haruka: Book of the Blade
Before the Pool Opens
Beginner Adventurer
Chirality – To The Promised Land
Cynthia the Mission
Etsuin Kitan
Fetish Garden
Figures LAC
Holy Angel Yumieru
Indecency Magic
Jyuki Enbu – Gladiators of Artemis
Jyuki Enbu Ch 9-11
Light Crusader Erika
Lirico -part two-
Mahou Tokusou Greedia
Para Furi – Strange Those Who Cohabit
Sabaku no Arashi (Desert Storm)
Sacred Feather
Seimikotachi no Seisan
Smile Cat
Surface of the God Sea
Twin Sisters’ Holiday Plans
Vampire Master Dark Crimson Vol.3
Virgin Rope
Wherever Whatever Transform
Yuukyuu Mokushiroku Eidron Shadow
The Way of the Ninja
The Wind Blows on Those Who Smile


ANALyze Girl 3 (Original)
Bad End Road (Smile PreCure!)
Bakkonmaster (Pokemon/Idolmaster)
Beautiful Girls’ Extreme Hole Game (Evangelion)
Bijin Tengoku 2 (Gundam Seed)
Boin Attack 2003 Xtreme Showtime (Dead or Alive)
Cube (Phantasy Star)
Fighters Gigamix 19 – In the Shell (Dead or Alive)
Hanaku Mushi (Flower-Eating Insects) (Touhou)
Heartwarming Demon (Original)
Kagashu no Miko (Original)
Kujikenaikara (Slayers)
Kuusou Zikken 2 (Final Fantasy VII)
Kuusou Zikken 3 (King of Fighters)
Kuusou Zikken 4 (I’s)
Kuusou Zikken 5 (One Piece)
Kuusou Zikken 8 (Hatsukoi Limited)
Kuusou Zikken 9 (One Piece)
Kuusou Zikken Hyper Drill Vol. 1 (Gurren Lagann)
Kuusou Zikken Ichigo Vol.3 (Ichigo 100%)
Kuusou Zikken Is (I’s)
Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Kakuchoukei… (Original)
Moushu (Samurai Spirits)
Night Snack (Slayers)
Okusama wa Deedlit (Lodoss Wars)
Rekka no Kizuato (Fire Emblem)
Shintaku no Kairou (Oracles Corridor) (Soul Calibur)
Tenimuhou 1 (Street Fighter)
Tifa Limit Break (Final Fantast VII)
Tifa Limit Break Lvl. 2 (Final Fantast VII)
Tifa LockHart ~Materia Midori~ (Final Fantast VII)
Tifa Lockhart ~Materia Aka(Red)~ (Final Fantasy VII)
Together with Ami-chan (Sailor Moon)

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